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  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound*
  • Prenatal Education



  • Doctor Referrals
  • Community Resources
  • Infant Resource Supplies


Pregnancy Care Center is a medical center that offers limited services by medically licensed professionals.  Available services offered, vary by location.  *The Health Care Professional at the Clinic will determine, at the time of your appointment, if an ultrasound will be available.  PLEASE NOTE: Our new Tower location is not able to perform ultrasounds at this time because we are awaiting our medical license transfer to our new facility.  We recommend that once you receive your verification that you begin your prenatal care with a doctor (who can perform an ultrasound for you).  We do have limited slots saved for emergency ultrasounds only on our mobile clinic.  For information regarding Pregnancy Care Center’s Privacy Practices, click here.
Clients of Pregnancy Care Center can earn “Mommy Money” to spend in our Mommy Store on things like diapers, wipes, clothing, etc.  A car seat can also be earned through class participation and completion of ten classes.